Tracks on Both Coasts


The days are getting longer, the nights warmer, and we’ve been making tracks on both coasts these past few weeks. We started with a couple of fantastic co-bills –  first up was a show with The Stray Birds in CT. They’ve long been one of our favorite bands on the Folk and Americana scene with top notch pickin’ and stunning vocals, and we always have a gas when we cross paths. We were thrilled to join them on their tune “All the News is Bad,” which is a real poignant song of the times. They returned the favor, as Oliver came up and traded some verses on “Ophelia” (and be sure to hear his slide guitar work on our track “Pass it On”). Next up, we returned to one of our favorite clubs out there – Gypsy Sally’s in DC. It’s always a great time, but it was even better since we shared the night with the excellent Dirty Bourbon River Show out of New Orleans, which began a theme that was continued over the next few nights…


After having breakfast in DC and lunch in NYC, we caught a flight west for a late night dinner in California (In-N-Out Burger, naturally). We kicked off the tour at the New Orleans themed Poor House in San Jose, where they cooked up pretty darn convincing oyster po’ boys and gumbo after we played a few rocking sets. Our ping-pong routing took us up to San Rafael (with a slight detour for an awesome day hike in Berkeley) and then down to San Diego for the Adams Ave Unplugged Festival. We’ve had that date circled on our calendars all through the long winter, but lo and behold, it was 58 degrees and cloudy! That didn’t stop an incredible crowd from turning out though, and when it came time for our evening set in the beautiful Normal Heights Methodist Church, we were feeling the spirit in a big way.


live in Marin


a walk in the Berkeley hills


We were bouncing from one gig to the next so quickly that it wasn’t until the fourth day that we finally got a chance to hit the coast. Eben slayed some waves on Laguna Beach while we planned our lunch in LA’s Thai Town. We capped off the run with a show with our new favorite band, Water Seed, from where else?…New Orleans. Check these cats out if you can, you won’t regret it. And maybe we’ll take heed of all the hints we’re getting and start setting our sights for the Crescent City once and for all.


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No trip would be complete without a flat tire on the way to the airport, so once we got that squared away we were clear for take off back east and some six mile high reflection. With all the droughts, unrest, and hardships below, it struck us once again how lucky we were to be playing our music for a living. Sure we’ve worked our whole lives to get here, and sure there are hardships along the way, but we do our best to never take the opportunities we have for granted, and to give thanks to every fan that comes out to every show. We do our very best to help spread some light through the darkness in what simple way we can. Thanks to all the good people who keep us flying.