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SHOW ME somethin’ good


We kicked off a whirlwind tour through the heartland with a stop at one of our favorite haunts – The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV. We joined the bill last minute, as we were looking for a route to make our way westward, and found ourselves passing through Appalachia when our fellow Brooklynites Yarn were playing this little mountain hideaway. We’ve long wanted to share a bill with them, and it did not disappoint. The fans came out of the woodworks and those guys put on a simply killer show and we had a great hang with them.

We then set up our Missouri residency as we hustled through to St. Louis for a show at Oak Tree Concerts, presented by some of our pals from the John Hartford Memorial Fest. This marked our first outdoor show of the year and man was it nice to feel the breeze and hear the birds while we laid it down for one of the finer audiences we’ve ever played for. They were real receptive to both the vibe and the message of our music. Not surprising, as we later found out that St. Louis hosts the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the US outside of Nawlins. I think I know where we’re headed next February…


Next we headed to beautiful Lawrence, Kansas (home to Craig’s alma matter) for a very special in-studio appearance with a radio legend, Bob McWilliams. His show Trail Mix covers the gamut of Americana, Roots, and Folk, and he’s also got an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz and is a history buff. Our kind of dude. The whole staff at the station was world class, and it was a blast to play and chat with him about our new album. Look for that show to air in June.


Then on to the land of jazz and brisket (two of our faves) – Kansas City. We performed as part of the Middle of the Map Fest, which is an incredible event that takes place at venues all across the city and presents a vast array of local and national talent. We followed that up with a show at The Social Room, a very cool speakeasy located through a secret door in the back of a beauty salon. We shared those bills with 16 year old Julian Davis – a really phenomenal flatpicker who you’ll certainly be hearing about for years to come.

Unfortunately we turned our wagon back east a few days earlier than expected due to some issues with a promoter who we were supposed to be working with. Suffice it to say that haters gonna hate. A rotten experience like this only served to make us realize how fortunate we are to almost exclusively work with and play for great people. It’s essentially a blind leap of faith every time we hit the road, so we count our blessings for all the generous fans, honest promoters and bookers, and gracious bands who we’re fortunate to walk with on this path. As we say – “Love, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Boogie.” (hey, that’d look good on a T-shirt, huh?)





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Joyful Journey

Field Guide for a Joyful Journey, be it in life, on tour, or through the cosmos… (or, a recap of our spring tour through Colorado and the Mid-West)
1. Surround yourself with positive and like-mided souls

Rocky Mountain rest stop

2. If you’re doing what you love then it isn’t work

Live at Meadowgrass Festval, featuring Maya de Vitry of the Stray Birds. Photos courtesy of Christian Murdock / The Gazette
3. Pay homage to your heroes.

Andrew wearing John Hartford’s bowler hat, on site at the John Hartford Memorial Fest at Bill Monroe’s Music Park and Campground in Bean Blossom, Indiana
4. Embrace your inner fool

Leapfrogging at Red Rocks
5. Achieve a vista and observe the world below

Riding the gondola up to the Mountain Village in Telluride. Good company and photo courtesy of Vanessa Baez.
6. Seek beauty at unexpected times in unexpected places
Watch the Youtube here…
7. Visit Joyful Journey

The incredible hot springs in the San Luis Valley, Colorado where they pipe in 145 degree water from nearby lithium springs and double rainbows appear after dusk hail showers. While there, we met many great people, including one man who recited some verses from the 14th century Sufi Master poet Hafiz. including…
Dancing White Birds
The Earth has disappeared beneath my feet
It fled from all my ecstasy
Now like a singing air creature I feel the rose keep opening
My heart turned to effulgent wings.
When has love not given freedom?
When has love not made one free?
A woman broken in tears and sweat
watches the sun and me trade jokes
But never would Hafiz laugh at your blessed labor of finding peace
What do the dancing white birds say
looking down upon burnt meadows?
All that you think is rain is not
Behind the veil Hafiz and Angels sometimes weep
For most eyes are rarely glad
and your divine beauty is still too frightened to unfurl its thousand swaying arms
The Earth has disappeared beneath my feet
Illusion fled from all my ecstasy
Now like a radiant sky creature
I feel God keep opening
I feel God keep opening inside of me
[From The Gift – poems from Hafiz the great Sufi Master renditions by Daniel Ladinsky]

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