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Gorgeous Lake George & Surviving the Flood

On Friday night we played a private event at a stunning house built in to the rock face overlooking Lake George (after the obligatory diner stop for reubens, patty melts, and Monte Cristos on the ride up). Turns out we weren’t really too far from home, as most of the guests at the party were from Brooklyn.

After a great night of getting people up on the dance floor, we checked into our hotel just up the road. It certainly looked nice enough when we checked in after midnight, but man, we weren’t prepared for the view that we were treated to over breakfast once the sun came out. Maybe the croquet lawn should have tipped us off to the kind of joint it was. A few smoked salmon plates later, we hit the road for the Chenango Colorscape Festival.

After arriving just in time for a pretty rushed load in, the skies completely opened up just as we finished sound check. This was a Noah’s Ark kind of deluge, so most folks headed for the hills, but we put on one of our most high energy sets for the brave souls who stuck it out with us.

Yes, this lady is getting down in the pouring rain.


We had some post-gig veggie chili (thanks to the lovely Leah) with one of our blues and folk heroes, Guy Davis, and the great Louie of Louie and the Cromatix. They both had plenty of kind words and wisdom to share after we plowed through that water logged set, and it’s like Guy said, “I play with the same passion for 1500 people as I do for 15.”


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