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Colorado Bound


February 8 / Colorado Springs, CO / Axe and the Oak
February 9 / Manitou Springs, CO / CarniBall (tickets)
February 10 / Del Norte, CO / Wildwood Sounds (tickets)

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CrestedButte (2)

We’re still feeling that Mile High love and dreaming of the mountains even as we’ve settled in back east. Our second tour to Colorado blew away even our high expectations and cemented the state in our minds as one of the true music capitals in the country. We kicked off the tour with a couple of great sets at Jack Quinnn’s in Colorado Springs and Waterloo in Louisville. Then we performed as part of a co-bill with some awesome Denver bands at Lost Lake Lounge, including sitting in with Joe Johnson and his swampy Mississip-by-way-of-Denver blues. Big thanks to Jen and Steve from Trout Steak Revival for the hospitality and insider’s view of Denver.
Next we headed towards the wild western part of the state for a show at the magical Crested Butte Center for the Arts, one of the finest concert series we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Our man Joel B. made us feel at home in this truly magical mountain town. Then on to the Sherbino Theater in Ridgway where we were joined by the enchanting Free the Honey. What a wonderful crowd that joined us in this funky historic venue, and what a blast playing John Hartford tunes to close out the night with one of our favorite group of gals.
Then we had a day off to cool our jets – we headed to Buena Vista to soak our bones at Cottonwood Hot Springs where Andrew penned an ode to Colorado…

We capped off our time out west with a hike up The Incline in Manitou Springs, an invigorating 2000+ elevation gain over less than one mile…

The shows in CO were tough to top, but the incredible vibes kept rolling as we performed in Middlesboro, Kentucky. It was the inaugural concert for their Levitt AMP series, an incredible program that builds communities through music and gives new life to underused public spaces. Thanks to Mountain Tech Media for capturing sights and sounds.

Then we topped it all off with an intimate show at the beautiful Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA and it was a July to remember. In the midst of all the down time in the car thinking about the divisive political landscape, we also did our best to spread some #reststoplove along the way – keep an eye out for us when you’re on the highways and pass it on.

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Joyful Journey

Field Guide for a Joyful Journey, be it in life, on tour, or through the cosmos… (or, a recap of our spring tour through Colorado and the Mid-West)
1. Surround yourself with positive and like-mided souls

Rocky Mountain rest stop

2. If you’re doing what you love then it isn’t work

Live at Meadowgrass Festval, featuring Maya de Vitry of the Stray Birds. Photos courtesy of Christian Murdock / The Gazette
3. Pay homage to your heroes.

Andrew wearing John Hartford’s bowler hat, on site at the John Hartford Memorial Fest at Bill Monroe’s Music Park and Campground in Bean Blossom, Indiana
4. Embrace your inner fool

Leapfrogging at Red Rocks
5. Achieve a vista and observe the world below

Riding the gondola up to the Mountain Village in Telluride. Good company and photo courtesy of Vanessa Baez.
6. Seek beauty at unexpected times in unexpected places
Watch the Youtube here…
7. Visit Joyful Journey

The incredible hot springs in the San Luis Valley, Colorado where they pipe in 145 degree water from nearby lithium springs and double rainbows appear after dusk hail showers. While there, we met many great people, including one man who recited some verses from the 14th century Sufi Master poet Hafiz. including…
Dancing White Birds
The Earth has disappeared beneath my feet
It fled from all my ecstasy
Now like a singing air creature I feel the rose keep opening
My heart turned to effulgent wings.
When has love not given freedom?
When has love not made one free?
A woman broken in tears and sweat
watches the sun and me trade jokes
But never would Hafiz laugh at your blessed labor of finding peace
What do the dancing white birds say
looking down upon burnt meadows?
All that you think is rain is not
Behind the veil Hafiz and Angels sometimes weep
For most eyes are rarely glad
and your divine beauty is still too frightened to unfurl its thousand swaying arms
The Earth has disappeared beneath my feet
Illusion fled from all my ecstasy
Now like a radiant sky creature
I feel God keep opening
I feel God keep opening inside of me
[From The Gift – poems from Hafiz the great Sufi Master renditions by Daniel Ladinsky]

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