Roosevelt Dime News Team reporting- “Bruce meets a moose”

From Nov 29-Dec 2 Roosevelt Dime had a great Northeast run. We played our first show at Boston’s Lizard Lounge, went on TV in Maine, opened up for Portland legends Sly-Chi and returned to the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts for a sold out show. We love making the long trip up north to beautiful Maine, and not just because Eben’s mom makes us breakfast everyday…

On Nov 29 we played our debut show at Boston’s Lizard Lounge with our good friends Three Tall Pines. Billy Wylder, from the Moonshine Music Series, was in the house and played some ripping guitar with the Pines. Usually thought of as a folk listening room, we had the Lizard Lounge crowd up on their feet dancing and beggin’ for more. Don’t worry Boston, we’ll back plenty in 2013!

The next morning we high tailed it to Portland, ME to film a TV spot for “Local 207.” This is the second time they’ve had us on the air and you can tell we were super excited to be back.

Check out our great live performances of “Down on Your Luck” and “Whatta Shame,” plus an in depth interview with our very own hometown hero Eben Pariser.

After achieving local stardom on the 7 o’clock news we played at the Big Easy, opening for Sly-Chi, Portland local legends. These guys and gals have been tearing up the Portland music scene for over ten years with their infectious soul covers and original funk. Eben’s old friend Max Cantlin is Sly-Chi’s guitar player so the evening was a good old reunion too. Be sure to check out Sly-Chi online. “Sly-Chi & Roosevelt Dime bring a double dose of FUNK & SOUL to the Big Easy tonight”


At the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts our show as selected as a sponsored event by the President of the college, Stephen Mulky. So great was the turnout by faculty, staff, family, friends and fans that we played to a packed auditorium despite snowy and icy conditions on the roads. We performed Taj Mahal’s “Cakewalk,” requested by Eben’s kindergarten teacher who was in attendance that evening and Seth was totally blown away by the clarinet chops of a local who sat in with the band.

Our brand new transmission blew out on our van on the way back home. Big-ups to Tony for driving us all the way back to Brooklyn in 3rd gear. To learn how we survived the 17-hour odyssey check out “After Gig Mix, Vol. 2- 3rd gear from Maine to NYC”

For more info about Eben’s German Apple Pancakes (I wasn’t joking about breakfast) check out our latest Flavor Adventure, “Mouthwatering Maine.”