New EP “Red Shoes” available – Dance your way to a free copy


Dance your way to a free copy of our new EP!

We’re so excited to share our new album with you. Three original songs from the heart and three covers that show our roots – a celebration of all the hard work, long miles, and late nights we’ve shared with you. It will be available worldwide on July 5, 2016, but you can pre-order it now on our site.

This time we’re bringing the good vibes to you directly – no iTunes, Amazon, Spotify…. We’ve all heard a lot about the changes in the music biz and the power of streaming platforms for music discovery, but we’ve always felt our biggest growth when we bring our art and message straight to our fans and hope that you’ll be our biggest ambassadors and evangelizers. So we’re bucking common convention and are offering a few options to get your hands on and wrap your ears around these tunes –

Option 1: Starting on July 5 you can stream the tracks to your heart’s desire here.

– Option 2: You can pre-order the digital album here.

– Option 3 (here’s where it gets fun): We are offering a download of the EP in exchange for video footage of you, your kids, your pets, or anyone you love dancing along to the title track Red Shoes to be featured in our upcoming music video. Keep it simple and fun:

  • find a room with a mostly plain wall or background
  • set up your phone or computer to capture your whole body in the frame
  • let the track roll, press record, and get down!

  • It doesn’t need to be the length of the whole track; you can even just show off your single best dance move. And don’t worry about perfect rhythm or timing, we’ll be cutting it up and having fun with it (see the GIF above). Please send your video to [email protected] along with any questions and comments.

    Thanks for being a part of our musical movement!

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