Live Life Free, The Way It Should Be!

“The Way Life Should Be” or “Live Free Or Die?” After a weekend touring in Maine by way of New Hampshire, we’ve decided on a more inclusive “Live Life Free, The Way It Should Be,” which seems fitting after a lovely independence day celebration where we played in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.
We’ve been riding the less “conventional” circuit lately with a run of super fun shows. First up was a hometown-throwdown in Brooklyn presented by First Acoustics on a hundred year old barge in the New York Harbor. You can’t beat the view from that green room.

Then we set sail for some shows in Eben’s home state. Had a big time as always at One Longfellow Square in funky Portland, and then closed out the Ossipee Valley Country Fair with the pigs, goats, fried dough, and Farmer Olympics. They cleared out just enough sawdust from the barn for us to set up, and we had the crowd hooting’ and hollerin’ like only Mainers can. Gotta love the summertime…