Feels Like a Banner Year

We started the new year restored, refocused, and reinvigorated. After taking the month of December off (as in “backpacking in Hawaii and camping in chilly North Carolina woods” off), the band felt more poised than ever to spread some positivity, inspiration, and good vibes in 2015. So while we had ourselves pumped up for our first tour of the year, we were blown away by how much amazing energy our fans threw right back at us.

We played to record crowds in NYC, DC, and Charlottesville, and each show felt like not just a concert but a celebration of being together and happy and healthy and optimistic. Playing at Rockwood was like putting on your favorite old sweater that just keeps getting better with age. We played some of our very first shows there at Stage 1 years ago, and it’s always a gas for us to return and party with our hometown faithful. Gypsy Sally’s in DC has probably shown us more love than any other venue since we first played there last year. In our third show back, our biggest crowd yet kept us grooving into the wee hours after great opening sets by Bellwether Bayou and By & By. Finally we returned to a packed house at The Southern in Charlottesville for a co-bill with Walker’s Run that was just off the charts. Cville really lived up to its’ reputation as a music mecca. We’re barely two weeks in and 2015 already feels like a banner year.