Digital Release Today!

Today Full Head of Steam becomes available for digital purchase on pretty much every site you can imagine.  Here’s the links to iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and CD Baby for starters. So get your copy and go ahead and turn it up! And please please please don’t keep your opinions to yourself- tell your friends, tweet your boss, email your mama, post it on your dogs’ Facebook page with the caption “Boomer’s favorite new CD of 2014”… let’s spread the word together.

Yesterday an exclusive premiere of “Oh To Be” was featured on CMT EDGE!

Reviewers are already saying some great things about Full Head of Steam:

One of the first breakthrough independent albums of 2014” – Jim Pasinski, The Record Journal

infectious … this a band that hooks you.” – Jack Goodstein, Blogcritics

effervescent motion … constant but thrilling change” – Nick DeRiso, Something Else!

unmistakably cool” – Craig Shelburne, CMT EDGE

And for the hardcore Dime-heads that still want more- here’s a list of our favorite moments from the making of Full Head of Steam, In no particular order:

1. Laying down tracks while Nasya and Josh from Faculty Productions ran around filming us for “Crazy Bout You,” video release coming soon!

2. Watching the reels on the tape machine spinning round, and the sound they make when they’re being cued up. Analog never goes out of style.

3. The dueling trumpets of Bruce Harris and Sam Hoyt on “Deep Elem Blues.”

4. Eben getting “loose” with some shots of liquid courage (at Seth’s insistent urging), and going for some over the top vocal takes on “Crazy Bout You.” It must be mentioned that one such take made the final cut.

5. Recording the clap tracks for “Oh to Be” as a group. Who knew that people could have such different clapping styles? You can tell a lot about a man by the way he puts his hands together.

6. The zen-like patience and golden ears of our engineer, Mitch Rackin at Seaside Lounge. Even when he couldn’t fight the urge to “dub out” all the tracks by drenching them in reverb and delay, and slow them down so that we sounded like constipated giants. You’d think he’d get tired of that, but no; it amused him just as much every single time.

7. The super warm organ and bright piano blended together on “Calvary.” David Farrell is a true master of the keyboard, and we can’t wait to work with him again before too long.

8. Tracking “Oh to Be” and “Down on Your Luck” with Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers) on guitar. We could listen to him strum an open chord all day long.

9. Recording St. James Infirmary totally live as a full band. No click, no overdubs. Just soul. And bucket.

10. Being down the block from an amazing Polish deli. There is nothing more restorative in the middle of a ten hour non-stop day than kielbasa and chocolate babka.

Enjoy the tracks,
-Roosevelt Dime