After Gig Mix, Vol. 1 “Between the Sheets with Roosevelt Dime”

Welcome to the After Gig Mix, a new recurring feature you’re sure to love. Vetted in the van on the long ride between gigs, these tracks are hand picked from our diverse musical interests. Wanna know where the Steamboat Soul really comes from? Check out what we’re grooving to with these streaming Spotify playlists.
This mix of Classic Soul and R&B inspired our trumpet player Bruce Harris to coin the term “After Gig Mix.” Originally given to Seth in 2003 by DJ Hakim, an older African American co-worker at the Sharper Image at South Street Seaport who couldn’t believe he knew the lyrics to most of the tunes, this CD-R affectionately hand labeled “Blue Light Classic” has been one of our staples for late night rides back from the gig.