El Perro Loco

Our fall season is winding down and we’re getting to that time of year to reflect and give thanks. So to get in the spirit … Thanks for the wonderful venues that provide us with a stage to play and sing our hearts out. The Black Rock Center for the Arts in Maryland and the Hawley Silk Mill in PA are two of the finest out there. Thanks to the fans who came out to these shows and seemed to be hanging on our every note and pushing us to lock in and play more focused and tighter than ever before. Thanks to our hometown of Brooklyn, and to the Historical Society for the great preservation work they do and for having us at their annual Brooklyn Bounty fundraiser. Thanks to our mechanic Vito who keeps our van road worthy. And thanks to our new amigos at El Perro Loco in Germantown, MD, purveyors of perhaps the finest late night grub we’ve ever come across.