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In the cradle of presidents. And horses.

Much love to all of our fans and friends in VA and DC. We’re fresh off a marathon run of 8 appearances in 5 days – The Communiverse (DC), WTJU and The Whiskey Jar in Cville, WHAN and Ashland Coffee and Tea in Ashland, Clarendon Day (Arlington), Clementine (Harrisonburg), and the Misty Mountain Music Fest (Crozet). Big thanks to some of the great bands we worked with – Bellwether Hall, Sweet Fern, Many Nights Ahead, The Hackensaw Boys, and Gallatin Canyon. Between all the hustling and caffeine, we still had time to go to a horse race.

see those ponies run




Mug shot at Ashland Coffee and Tea

We only accept currency bearing TJ himself at our Charlottesville gigs

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Californee, Virginee, & the Summer Swoon

Hey Dimefolk, it’s been a wild and wonderful couple of months here (we’re looking at you West Virginia).

We got to spread the love to the west coast for the first time, as we played seven shows in six days across northern California. The tour had an questionable kickoff, as Eben’s bucket pole was seized by the ever diligent TSA officers at Newark Liberty Airport. Despite his protests that it was part of a musical instrument and not a WMD (and even his offer to set it up and play it for them), they did not budge. So like any good tour, our first stop was a Home Depot in Fresno to go instrument shopping.

For a 7 second tutorial on how to make one of these bad boys, click here.

Once we got that thing thumping again, we took to the highways, beaches, rooftops, and speakeasies to play some of the best shows we’ve ever been part of.  Thank you for your wine California (especially you Hayward, SanFran, Marin Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento!

The rest of June had us kicking around our newly adopted Southern home, as we made the rounds through central Virginia. It was a real gas to do a run of shows with the excellent Goodnight Moonshine, the stellar new duo featuring our own Eben Pariser and Molly Venter of Red Molly.  Tony was holding down the drum throne, and the inimitable Mike Clem (of Eddie From Ohio) was pickin the bass.

We also found time for some swimming-hole-sideways-cannonballs (note – no bass players were harmed in the taking of this photo…)

For now we’re gearing up for a run of shows through the northeast through the rest of the month, as well as making moves towards finishing up production on our new record. Plenty more coming up on that including sneak peeks, giveaways, videos, cameos, and how YOU can get involved in spreading the Dime across this great land.

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