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Summer Bucket List

We’ve been lucky to be spending time in some cooler climes during these dog days of summer. A few days in the beauty of Vermont was just what the doctor ordered, and the Green Mountain State lived up to it’s hype as one of the best music scenes out there.

We returned to the legendary Nectar’s in Burlington for another Thursday night bacchanal, and then made our way to the ski mecca of Stowe to play the Rusty Nail. It’s a beautiful room with a killer sound system, but unfortunately we got the news when we walked in that the sound man was sick, and they couldn’t find a replacement! No worries, as our drummer/sound engineer extraordinaire Tony stepped up and navigated his way through a maze of cables and vague signal chains until they found someone to come in and run the board just before the downbeat. You never quite know what life on the road will throw at you, and we do our very best to hang in there and keep putting on the best damn show we can. With the brief downtime we had, we ran down the Vermont-summertime-bucket-list: lake swimming, back road driving, driveway b-ball, maple creemees, grilling, and tasty craft brews.


Next we took a roll through our old stomping grounds of Ohio with a show at the Music Box in Cleveland, not far from where Eben and Andrew first met at Oberlin College. It’s an awesome new venue right on the river, and we look forward to getting back there again before too long.

A roll towards Columbus brought us in-studio at the awesome independent radio station and NPR affiliate WCBE, in advance of our show at Natalie’s, which was a great room, great sound, great people, and GREAT pizza. This is coming from some jaded NY and New Haven residents who take their pies very seriously, but let me tell you, this place is the real deal and a wonderful supporter of the Americana music scene. Next up was the capital of the Keystone State and a stop at a fantastic new venue called the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. They’re working real hard to coalesce the arts scene there and are doing all sorts of very cool programming beyond just music (including a live Halloween production of Rocky Horror!) so be sure to check them out if you’re in the area. We also had a chance to drop in for a live TV appearance at the local ABC affiliate (check out the footage here) for a performance and the requisite clowning around on set.


Then was a homecoming in the Hudson Valley, as we played for the third straight year at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. It was a magical few days with perfect weather and our main stage set was just a blast with the sun shining down on music lovers spread out all over the hill . And big thanks as always to our family at the Blue Camp (Davey, Josh, Mindy et al.) who are behind the scenes helping to run the show and always making sure that we’re well hydrated and properly relaxed.

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Mouthwatering Maine

When we’re on tour, we’re also on the hunt, for flavor. On our Nov 29-Dec 2 tour to Maine we found some choice game that we had to share with you. Now everybody knows that Maine is home to the finest lobster rolls and steamed clams around but we found some surprising delicacies across the state and close to home. Are your taste buds piqued yet?

Big G’s Deli Winslow, Maine

We know one Roosevelt Dime fan who approves!

“Now that’s a big sandwich!” -Tony Montalbano.
Have you ever dreamed of a sandwich made on slices of homemade bread bigger than your face? We have! Thanks Big G for making our dreams a reality!
Roosevelt Dime recommends the G’s Special, the Bill Cosby, Dr. Strangepork and the Zonker Harris. Really, just try them all…

Otto’s Pizza Portland, Maine

New Yorker’s eating pizza in Maine, what gives? Eben discovered the Pulled Pork and Mango pie, that’s what gives. We’re talkin’ about a salty and sweet slice of heaven here folks!
Make sure to stop by an Otto’s location if you’re in Boston, Cambridge or Portland. You won’t be disappointed.

There’s no taste like home. There’s no taste like home… Lincolnville, Maine

Our last morning on tour Eben’s mother Dora made us her signature German Apple Pancakes. They were so good we decided we just had to share the recipe with our fans!
Preheat oven to 450
Make bacon in a cast iron skillet. Set aside skillet with bacon grease. Enjoy the bacon!
Mix 3 eggs with 3/4 cup flour and 1/2 tsp salt. Add 3/4 cup milk.
Pour batter into the cast iron skillet with bacon grease.
If you’re a vegetarian and don’t cook with bacon, pour the mix into a pie plate lined with 1 and 1/2 TBS melted butter or oil.
Place sliced apples in mixture.
After 15 minutes, lower temp to 350 and cook for about 10 more minutes.
If desired sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Devour promptly like ravenous children.

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