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The Moose is Loose


From the sunny California coast to the snowy mountains of Maine and Ontario… After our west coast tour, we headed back to the northeast to chase the last days of winter. We were allegedly in some of the moose capitols of North America, but alas, we had no wild encounters.

First up was a real fun show at Merrimack University (thanks to the NACA Conference for breaking us in to the college scene). Then we made room in the van for some ski and snowboard gear and headed up towards the frozen tundra of Rangeley, ME for two nights at Moose Alley. It’s a very cool venue run by a fellow Oberlin alum, Nancy. We capped off our first night there in classic Maine-by-way-of-Ohio fashion by rolling a few frames and having some brews while our music was blasting through the sound system.

First time we've ever bowled to our own music. Here's Andrew showing off his skills. Thanks for a great couple of nights Moose Alley in Rangeley, Maine.

Posted by Roosevelt Dime on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Eben and Craig made the most of the day in the wilds of Maine by hitting the slopes, while Andrew and Tony wandered out to the middle of frozen Rangeley Lake.



We kept rolling north for three shows in Ontario, which has firmly cemented it’s status as our Canadian province of choice. We kicked it off at The Cameron House in Toronto with the fantastic Boxcar Boys. It was a great crowd, including one very enthusiastic and complimentary Scotsman who we thought looked familiar. A little light Googling afterwards revealed it was none other than Rory McCann, who plays The Hound on Game of Thrones. Hell of a missed photo opp, but we hope he’ll keep in touch.

Next we returned to Peterborough, Ontario, a city we’ve felt preternaturally comfortable in since we found out that’s where The Band first cut their teeth with Ronnie Hawkins back in the day. We performed one night at The Tankhouse with our old pals from The Pinebox String Band, and wrapped it up the next day at an intimate concert at The Gilmour Street Music Hall. We were graciously offered political asylum by several members of the audience should our upcoming presidential election go for a certain comb over sporting hate mongering goon. So do your research, search your soul, cross your fingers, and punch a ballot America!

RD Gilmour Street Music Hall

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New Years and Old Cheers

Happy New Year Dimefolk! We had a brief rest to catch our breath and count our blessings over the holidays, but we’re back on the road and feeling better than ever. We kicked off the winter tour at our old standby in DC – Gypsy Sally’s where we shared a bill with the hot pickin’ Dry Mill Road. Andrew got in a little warm up bluegrass boogie with them before the show.

THANKS D.C. and Gypsysally's for a great fun night!! Here's Andrew doing some green room jamming with Drymill Road!NEXT UP!Jan 22 / Beacon, NY / Towne Crier http://bit.ly/TCJan22Jan 23 / Westport, CT / Voices Cafe http://bit.ly/VCJan23Jan 28 / Portsmouth, NH / The Press Room http://bit.ly/Jan28PRJan 29 / Providence, RI / Firehouse 13 http://bit.ly/Jan29FHFeb 4 / San Jose, CA / Poor House Bistro http://bit.ly/Feb4PHFeb 5 / San Francisco, CA / The Plough and Stars http://bit.ly/PSFeb5Feb 6 / Gilory, CA / House Concert Contact ebehlmer@yahoo.com, 408-842-9335 for reservationsFeb 9 / Buellton, CA / Standing Sun Wines http://bit.ly/Feb9SSFeb 10 / Los Angeles, CA / The Hotel Cafe http://bit.ly/HCFeb10Feb 11 / Berkeley, CA / Ashkenazttp://bit.ly/Feb11AshFeb 12 / Santa Cruz, CA / Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz http://bit.ly/MoesFeb12Feb 13 / Santa Cruz, CA / Moe's Alley http://bit.ly/MoesFeb13

Posted by Roosevelt Dime on Monday, January 18, 2016

Next up was Cafe Nola in Frederick, MD, where we got some nice local press from the Frederick Playlist and had an absolute blast playing for the late night dancing crowd.

Then back up to NY, but a little further east than usual as we were part of WFUV’s “On Your Radar” series at The Landmark on Main in Long Island. WFUV is a major tastemaker in NY and national independent radio, and DJ John Platt is a legend in the field and has long been a champion of the Dime. We shared the bill with our good pal Matt Nakoa (who contributed to our “Pass it On” session) and the tour de force Caravan of Thieves. The night was capped off by all the artists and the audience singing in front of the stage.

Dan Asher and I had some time to kill backstage at the Landmark on Main Street. We had a great triple bill with Matt Nakoa, Caravan of Thieves, and Roosevelt Dime for John Platt's On Your Radar. Thanks John!NYC Bass Brunch Jazz Double Bassists KC BASS Workshop Bass Coalition

Posted by Craig Akin on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finally we kept it close to home (especially for Craig) with a show in Jersey City at the super cool Fox & Crow. It was a great way to roll in to MLK day with a cozy packed house.

Finally, check out our full winter tour schedule (including two weeks in California), and please tag any music lovers you know in the cities we’re playing so we can keep spreading love, liberty, and the pursuit of boogie!

WINTER TOUR DATES! If you know someone in these cities please please please tag them in the comments below. We will love you forever.

Posted by Roosevelt Dime on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Promoting the Promoters

There’s no shortage of ways to spread the word about a concert these days, but it often feels like these digital alerts and reminders and invitations are just inconsequential blips in an endless ether. So despite the fact that the live music game has evolved so much since the heavy days of Bill Graham, or perhaps because of it, the power of a good promoter is stronger than ever. Someone who really knows all the players within a local scene – the venues, the bands, and the local music lovers who make the whole clock tick.

We got a healthy reminder of those players these past few weeks. Andy up at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center runs a fantastic venue/cafe/ceramic studio that has truly become the cultural hub of the entire county. Lucas at the Portland Empire dug what he saw from us the first time we played there last summer even though the crowd turnout was less than stellar, so he made it his mission to bring us back to a full house by bringing in other local acts (the excellent Dark Hollow Bottling Co. and Tricky Britches) and doing a killer job of putting the word out to all the true music fans in the city. And what can we say about the irrepressible and magnanimous flannel clad Will Neils – the promoter/activist/freedom fighter who will tell you about the best month of Jimi Hendrix’s live performance career, the overlooked history of the Basques, and the revolutionary imperatives of all native Mainers, all while breaking down the PA system with you at the end of a raucous night.

This circus we call the music industry relies on contributions from all the clowns, lion tamers, and acrobats out there, so we’ll take this chance to toast the ever rarer ringleader we call the Promoter.

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