7 Shows In 5 Days, Cambridge Sold Out TWICE

Seven shows in five days across five states, and all with only two working gears in the van. Nothing like seeing America’s highways and byways at a cool 48mph. Our snail’s pace didn’t stop us from having one of the best runs of our summer though.

It all started with a with a foot stomper at the Stomping Groundsfalcon and sold out show at Club Passim. Then after a few days off, we began our 7 show marathon with another sold out show in Cambridge, then on to Worcester, and Portsmouth, NH (damn you people love to dance up there). We still somehow managed to get some serious beach time by day, and Craig and Eben even sneaked in a few righteous rides on water-skis and wake-boards at our good buddy Matt’s lake house in Maine.



The tour was capped off by the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. This marked our return to the festivities after being selected by the audience last year as one of the “Most Wanted Artists,” so we had the great pleasure of sharing a main stage set with the excellent Connor Garvey, the enchanting Boxcar Lilies, and the tantalizingly handsome and frequent partners in crime Darlingside. There was such incredible energy from the crowds that carried over to our workshop sets as well, including the chance to perform alongside Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, a couple of blues artists who rarely stray from their home soil of Texas and are true American treasures.


With the final notes of our Sunday morning sing-along encore of “I’ll Fly Away” still ringing in the air, we made tracks for a great evening set at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. They reportedly get over one million people through the streets over the course of this festival, and while we may not have had quite that many rocking with us, the folks who were there showed us so much love and kept us up for a killer nightcap to a great weekend. Big thanks to all the old friends and new fans along the way, and send us all your good automobile mojo as we take Rosie to the transmission doctor for a speedy recovery.