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Speak Up

We’ve always believed in the positive power of music. They say seeing is believing, and we saw it firsthand when we we first started busking in NYC in 2009. What started as a way for some struggling musicians to earn an extra few bucks turned in to a sort of social experiment in positivity, as we crafted our sound to elicit the the most viscerally joyous reaction out of the most jaded audience – Manhattan rush hour commuters.

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Feels Like a Banner Year

We started the new year restored, refocused, and reinvigorated. After taking the month of December off (as in “backpacking in Hawaii and camping in chilly North Carolina woods” off), the band felt more poised than ever to spread some positivity, inspiration, and good vibes in 2015. So while we had ourselves pumped up for our first tour of the year, we were blown away by how much amazing energy our fans threw right back at us.

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Cozy Confines…

As independent artists making our way through this labyrinthine industry, we find ourselves performing in a wide variety of settings and venues – historic theaters, sprawling festivals, well worn rock clubs, converted barns. Occasionally we get the chance to perform in the most intimate of settings though – somebody’s living room.  Read more »